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    Click Here

    A 416-page book on Chinese herbal medicine, written by Thomas Richard
    Joiner and published by Hunter House.

    Item # 02B $24.95 (soft cover)
    Item # 02A $34.95 (hard cover)

    Who is the author, Thomas Richard Joiner?

    An acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist, martial artist, author, and the founder of TREASURES FROM THE SEA OF CHI. He has studied many different forms of alternative medicine; however, his core training centers around traditional Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture. He has maintained a successful private practice for fifteen years offering his patients the combined therapies of Chinese Herbology, and Tien Tao Chi Gong (which is a therapeutic or healing form of martial arts). He is an active martial artist and certified instructor in both internal (Chi Gong) and external (Chinese Goju) martial arts styles.

    On the pages that follow you will find many of the herbal formulas he discusses in the book Chinese Herbal Medicine Made Easy. This book is a medical encyclopedia that presents information on 200 common illnesses, starting with acid reflux and ending with yellow fever. Each illness is discussed in easy to understand language with strict avoidance of complex medical terms. The illness and its symptoms are explained, and how it is treated in Western medicine as well as traditional Chinese medicine. Then formulas are given for treating the illness with herbal teas or patented herbal formulas, which are primarily available in, pill form.

    All of the herbal formulas that were discussed in the book Chinese Herbal Medicine Made Easy are available from TREASURES FROM THE SEA OF CHI. If you’d like a copy of our mail order catalog that lists each formula discussed in Chinese Herbal Medicine Made Easy, Click Here or please call us at 800-641-0945.

    To insure the greatest chance of successful treatment, we suggest that you read Chinese Herbal Medicine Made Easy, thereby giving a novice to traditional Chinese medicine a better understanding of how the medicine works and can be used to treat common illness.





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