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Welcome to our herb store

The traditional Chinese herb store has changed very little over the centuries. Herbs are weighed out in doses for treating practically every ailment known to man. The patients are given a container of raw herbs, which they take home to be prepared into a decoction, infusion, pills, or a medicinal wine.


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Chinese Herbal Medicine Made Easy Catalog

Chinese herbal medicine is a 5,000 year-old-medical and healing tradition that is becoming increasingly accepted in the West. As health care costs rise and more people turn to herbal cures for common ailments, the need for accurate -- and accessible -- info is greater than ever. This catalog fills that need. In a clear, easy-to-read format and style it provides information on buying and using ginseng, herbal tonics that increase strength and endurance, formulas for stress management, and instructions for preparing herbal teas. Whether you are experienced in the use of herbal remedies or wish to broaden your health care options, this catalog will be a useful tool.

All of the herbal formulas that were discussed in the book Chinese Herbal Medicine Made Easy are available from TREASURES FROM THE SEA OF CHI in this Catalog.

Formulas used for:


Raw Herb Catalog

Individual Chinese herbs by the pound or half pound

We are proud to offer you one of the largest selections of Chinese herbs in the US. We began by finding reputable sources for our herbs in the regions of China where they grow best. Our herbalists make sure the herbs are only of the highest quality and are properly identified, cleaned, dried, and packaged.

We are very concerned with issues of quality, freshness, & safety, and are working to assure safe, sustainable sources for all of our herbs.

At present we sell over 600 different herbs in bulk (meaning dried Chinese herbs are sold by the pound or half pound weight). We also offer a wide selection of potent ginseng, both cultivated and wild, in American, Chinese, and Korean varieties.

Shipping bulk herbs is expensive due to the heavy weight of the herbs, so we’re sorry but no free shipping on bulk herb orders — in any quantity. We hope you’ll understand.

Please contact us for a free catalog of the raw herbs that are available, or call 800-641-0945 & we’ll quote the current rates.
Please have the Chinese name for the herb or its botanical name. Thank you.



The Warrior as Healer Catalog

All of the herbal formulas that are discussed in the book the Warrior as Healer are available in this Martial Arts Catalog. This catalog provides many recipes for formulas that have been used for centuries by martial artists to stop bleeding, speed the healing of fractured bones, and increase vitality, as well as improve focus and calm the mind.

For easy reference the herbal formulas discussed in the Warrior as Healer are listed in the order in which they can be found in the book.

Warrior as Healer Formulas Used for:




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