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Dit Da Jow: Triple Dragon Ministerial Hand Conditioning

A Ministerial Conditioning System Worthy of your Consideration

Even though techniques like head butts, eye gouges and elbow strikes are part of the arsenal of most martial artists; there is no question that the clenched fist remains the weapon of choice. Since Homos Erectus, it has been instinctive for humans to enclasp the fingers to form a fist in order to strike with the bony part of the hand to ward off threats of bodily harm and inflict injury upon an adversary. The popularity of the use of the fists for striking is not surprising when you consider that when the bony structure of the hands (knuckles) is hardened through conditioning, they are a formidable weapon capable of inflicting serious damage to all parts of the body. This predominant use of the hands as striking weapons in the vast array of boxing styles, conceivably the most popular form of martial arts, underscores the need for conditioning these most often used and frequently injured appendages.

Traditionally, the use of hand conditioning formulas was considered essential in order to prevent injury and lessen the possibility of developing long-range negative side effects, such as arthritis, nerve damage, and paralysis, which can occur as a result of repetitive striking. Generally speaking, the herbs used in hand conditioning formulas toughen the skin, harden the bones, and circulate the blood and Chi. Anyone who practices Shiwara Iron Palm or even one of the more generic styles of Karate or Kung Fu, would be well advised to consider their use. It is important to keep in mind that prior to beginning a program for conditioning any of the striking surfaces there are basic concepts common to all martial arts that need to be considered. Within these principles there are several points that cannot be overemphasized. First and foremost, the student was advised to use herbal medicines (dit da jow) to repair the residual damage associated with all of the different forms of hand conditioning in order to avoid any permanent injury.  Secondly, the student is told to exercise prudence in the amount of training that is undertaken. And finally, the student is reminded to never forget the wisdom in proceeding slowly.   

Some may wonder how do I get started? …What are the best formulas to use?

We’ve decided to share information on a step-by-step process that will condition your body correctly. Within this section of our website we will present three conditioning formulas that are the “Triple Dragon Ministerial System” of formulas mentioned in the book Blending Botany and Budo—which are a step-by-step treatment plan that extends over a one+ year period to toughen the body’s striking surfaces.

To reach optimum results, it is imperative that these formulas be used in the order indicated and for the time frame specified.         

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Triple Dragon Ministerial Phase One: Fang Sou Yi, raw form: 53 grams herb kit makes one jow
三龙系统 - 第一阶段 This is an all-purpose hot liniment containing bing pian, she xiang, san chi, yu jin,..
Triple Dragon Ministerial Phase Two: Du Fang Sou Er, raw form: 229 gram herb kit makes one jow
三合海龙系统 - 第二阶段 This second Triple Dragon ministerial formula contains bo he, ding xiang, zhang nao..
Triple Dragon Ministerial Phase Three: Fang Sou San, raw form: 189 grams herb kit makes one jow
三合海龙系统 - 第三阶段 This last Triple Dragon ministerial formula uses xiang fu, bai zhi, gua lou, etc., ..

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