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Fang Zhi Gao, raw form: 54 gram herb kit = 15+ day supply

Fang Zhi Gao, raw form: 54 gram herb kit  = 15+ day supply
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Aka: Prescription for Herbal Fomentation

At the end of a massage session especially in cases of injury a warm compress of Chinese herbs is often used to heighten the effects of a treatment.  The herbs in the formula will relax muscles and sinews, invigorate blood circulation, and soothe the tissues.  You must prepare the herb compress using the decocted tea (raw herb formula).

Preparing and applying an herbal compress:  Decoct the herbal formula; let the pot of tea cool down to warm. Have two clean towels ready. Both towels are then immersed in the warm herb tea, leave one towel in the tea (to keep it warm) and remove the other towel, wringing it out until damp not dripping. Spread the warm damp towel over the area of the body that is to be treated. Being sure the towel is not hot or you’ll scald the person. After 3-5 minutes take out the other towel, wring it dry and do an exchange. Put the warmer towel on the affected area and the used one back in the warm tea (in the pot).

Repeat the process for 10 times in succession.  Afterward rub the skin dry and keep the affected area warm.

If you are at all confused, not to worry, we will provide “easy-to-use” instructions on how to prepare a compress and decoct the tea with your purchase.


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