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Huai Jiao, Patent Pill Formula: bottle 100 pills = 5 day supply

Huai Jiao, Patent Pill Formula: bottle 100 pills = 5 day supply
Price: $11.99


Aka: Fructus Sophora

Huai Jiao pills are used to stop bleeding, shrink hemorrhoids, and relieve the symptoms of pain, swelling, and anal itch.

The ingredients in this formula are very effective for treating hemorrhoids: Huai Jiao eliminates infection from the blood and stop bleeding, Fang Feng relieves pain, Di Gu clears infection, Dang Gui enriches the blood and relieves pain, Huang Qin reduces infection, and Zhi Ke benefits functioning of the digestive system.

Note: Most cases of hemorrhoids can be controlled by increasing fluid intake, eating a high-fiber diet, and having regular bowel movements.

We will provide daily dosage instructions when your order is fulfilled.

Acute and then long-term use is recommended.

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